LMI Book Club

By Mairyn Hernandez

My name is Mairyn Hernandez. I am the leader of the Book Club at The Leadership Center.  I have been doing it for 5 months now. A woman named Mrs. Chris started this club last year when she was teaching. When she left, she asked me to lead it.  I learned from her how to lead a book club. She is very good at doing it and I really enjoy leading it now. 

The Book Club is attended by some first-year students and second year students. We all meet together every Monday evening to discuss short stories.  The stories are fiction stories but at the end of our discussion everyone is able to find something interesting in the story that we can apply in our lives.  Every story has a moral that we can learn from.

While discussing the story, everyone is able to learn new English words that they don’t know which is good. I think having a book club is a really good way to help first year students learn more English and for second year students to improve their English pronunciation.  I really enjoy this group because it is a good opportunity to build community and have fun together.

I love reading the stories and having good discussions with my classmates!