LMI provides a nationally recognized and accredited English, leadership, and community development certificate to each student who completes our two-year program.

Our Academics Committee and our teachers collaborate to develop a rigorous academic curriculum to provide learning and development opportunities for our students over their two years on campus. 

Year 1

During the first year on campus, each student attends class four hours per day and the curriculum is focused on English, Computers and Critical Thinking.

  • Quarters 1-3 (Jul-Mar) (four class hours each day). English immersion.
  • Quarter 4 (Apr-Jun): English, Computers, Critical Thinking.

Year 2

During the second year on campus, our students begin to tackle advanced math, speech and communication courses, leadership and ethics, research and writing, community development, business development and finance, as well as agricultural sciences.

  • Quarter 1 (Jul-Sept):
    • Agricultural Sciences
    • Central American History 
    • Math 1
    • Research and Writing
  • Quarter 2 (Oct-Dec):
    • Leading Change
    • Community Development: Understanding Poverty
    • Math 2
    • Introduction to Business
  • Quarter 3 (Jan-Mar):
    • Community Development: Principles and Practice
    • Business Development and Finance
    • Organizational Leadership
    • Speech and Communication
  • Quarter 4 (Apr-Jun):
    • Leadership and Ethics
    • Community Development: Project Management
    • Health and Nutrition
    • Business 3: Capstone
  • Seminar for 1st and 2nd Year Students: Various topics