First Year Students Learn More than English at TLC

By Gibelly, first-year student at TLC

My name is Gibelly and I am a first-year student at TLC.


I have been at TLC for 3 trimesters and have done many things that I have never done before like:

Taking care of the cows in the first quarter. When I learned that I was responsible for caring for the cows and milking them I was like “WOW!”  but with time I felt more comfortable doing it and then I ended up really enjoying it! It helped having another classmate with me too.  We got to name the new baby calf that was born that quarter and we  named it “Keygi” (KAY-JEE) which is a combination of the beginning of  classmates name and mine 🙂  (Keyli + Gibelly).  I will never forget that experience.

Here at TLC I have also discovered that I really like to read.  When I go to the library and see all of the books I feel excited and I want to read all of them! Though I know that’s impossible!

I have been learning English at TLC and there are many words that I still don’t understand or that I don’t know how to conjugate yet and that makes it more difficult to read books in English but I hope someday to be able to understand English very well when I am reading.

A dream of mine is to speak English very well and I know that If I practice with other people and try to give my best, I can do it!

I am excited to continue learning new things, meeting new people and discovering what life has for me.