Prospective Students

Leadership Mission International is excited to welcome new students to our campus each July!

The academic curriculum of Leadership Mission International is a two-year program focused on English immersion, Leadership, Community Development, and Business entrepreneurship. The school is in session year-round with 10-week quarters and a 2-3 week vacation between each quarter for students to return home, visit their families, and spend time in their communities. To learn more about our academic curriculum, visit our Academics page.

Our students come to us through recommendation only. Students are recommended to us by teachers, nonprofit leaders, pastors, priests, government officials, and missionaries throughout the country who are familiar with our mission. We communicate with our in-country networks throughout the year and accept recommendation forms on an annual basis.

If you are interested in recommending a student to attend Leadership Mission International, please submit one of the recommendation forms to 


Each spring, prospective students and a member of their family are invited to campus for a formal interview. The young women spend the weekend becoming familiar with life on campus, getting to know students and staff, and attending a class. Once interviews are completed, a new cohort of 30-35 students is selected to begin studies in July.

Leadership Mission International is certified to provide a nationally recognized and accredited English, leadership, and community development certificate to our graduates.