Reflections on Christmas

By Mary Maldonado, TLC First Year Student

In Christmas, we remember the birth of the World’s Savior.  The most powerful king who was born with humility and who has brought peace to our hearts, giving us the best example of love.  

Every Christmas in Honduras we remember the birth of Jesus through the traditional advent celebrations.

We start a few days before Christmas, visiting homes in the community to think about the moments when Mary and Joseph were looking for a place where Mary could give birth to their first-born son, Jesus.  We sing Christmas carols at the front door of every house. Then we share food with the people who participate in this celebration.

On Christmas day, we start very early in the morning to prepare all different kinds of good.  We make Tamales, Torrejas, sweet breads, Empanadas, rice with chicken, squash with honey, baked chicken, salads, fruit cocktail, baked pork and cakes.  In many family, we had a bonfire in our yard and put tables and chairs around it.  Our neighbors, friends relatives and church members come to our house and we share the delicious dinner together.  We talk about our experience during the year and everyone shares their hopes for the new year. 

Christmas brings us together and it reminds us that we should live with humility, peace and love.