Our Staff

Our staff is dedicated to our mission and each stands on the foundation of our core values. There is nothing more important than our students knowing they are loved and respected by everyone on campus.

LMI Directors

The directors of Leadership Mission International partner with staff, board, donors, volunteers, and students to ensure that we leverage our resources to best serve the mission and partner with our students and graduates in their journey towards personal development and community change. 

LMI Program Managers

Each of LMI’s Program Managers oversee and manage one of the departments necessary for the life of the community at TLC. LMI’s location at The Leadership Center is an academic college campus that is also a residential community for students and staff, and the community runs their own water, electricity, utilities, and agriculture. 

LMI Instructors

The role of teachers at The Leadership Center is to facilitate opportunities for learning that will capitalize on the potential of each student.

LMI Adjunct Teachers

Adjunct teachers join us on campus at The Leadership Center for 6-10 weeks each year to supplement the education of our students with personal expertise from their career fields. 

LMI Kitchen Staff

We work on campus to develop sustainable food sources to feed our staff and students on campus. Meet our lovely team of cooks who help us stay healthy.

LMI Facilities Staff

Our construction and agricultural team works on a variety of projects on campus to provide our students with a safe environment.