Student Sponsorship

This page provides all information and insight into our Student Sponsorship Program. Partnerships change lives.

The Problem

Women in Honduras do not have networks that will allow them to break cycles of generational poverty, because of lack of access to partnerships with individuals and networks who see the untapped opportunity in their lives.

Our Solution

The key to overcoming this obstacle is through creating networks by being a Partner. Imagine the possibilities your partnership will create.

The Power of Partnership

Sponsors pave the way for each woman on her journey through a 2-year accredited college-level education in English, Business, Community Development, and Leadership. This skill-based training empowers women to start businesses, create jobs, build networks and lead ethical change throughout Honduras!

It costs $400/month, or $4,800/year, for each young woman to enjoy:

What does a sponsorship consist of?

Donation: A donation of $400/mo for 2 years. Email us to get started.

Optional for Partial & Full Sponsors

Mentoring: Creating a relationship with one of our students helps encourage them throughout their program. 

Letter Writing/Zoom Calls: This activity allows students to practice writing and speaking the English language and empowers the women to achieve their potential.

Visiting Campus: Visiting TLC allows sponsors to meet and create deeper bonds with the students they have been communicating with.

Interested in Sponsoring a Student?