Life on Campus

The Leadership Center campus is in a remote location and has rustic accommodations. We are more than an hour from the nearest city.

We are a faith-based, U.S. nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and public charity. We, in part, see our mission at The Leadership Center as reflecting God’s love to those who we seek to serve. We practice and promote core leadership values throughout all levels of the organization. These values reflect the leadership attributes of love, kindness, respect, courage, patience, forgiveness, and many others. We gratefully include all teachers, staff, and volunteers who want to join us on our mission of partnering with and empowering Honduran women. 

In addition to educational development, we believe that spiritual development is an important component of each student's overall development as a leader. While all faith-based activities on campus are optional, the campus leadership promotes and encourages these activities among students, staff, and visitors.

The Leadership Center is remotely located within a large national forest, with only two small dirt roads leading in and out of the entire vast region. The forest is one of the largest income sources to the government, so it is carefully guarded and staff and students feel well protected and safe while learning. The academic curriculum of Leadership Mission International is a two-year program focused on English immersion, Leadership, Community Development, and Business entrepreneurship. 

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Short-term volunteer and mission teams stay in dormitory rooms with single-beds and bunk beds. Showers and toilets are clean, but not always in the same building.  Depending on the time of the day, showers can be cold as the water is heated by the sun. 

Long-term teaching staff and volunteers live in the Staff House. While staff frequently have private bedrooms, staffing needs occasionally require individuals of the same gender to share a bedroom. The Staff House has a common living area and shared indoor bathroom and shower.

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Meals on campus are simple but nutritious: beans, rice, tortillas, eggs, soup, fruit and vegetables, occasional chicken, beef, or fish, and coffee, tea, and purified water to drink.  We have four large vegetable gardens and all food that is grown on campus is consumed by the students. 

On campus, some of our electricity and light is generated through solar panels. We utilize a hydroponics system for fish and water spinach. One of our long-term goals is for our campus to be completely self-sustaining. 

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