TLC Graduate Spotlight – Yudy C.

Graduation from TLC in September of 2016 marked the beginning of a whirlwind of productive endeavors for our friend Yudy.

Upon her return to her home community of Francia, Yudy began an ongoing volunteer relationship with Carolina Honduras Health Foundation (CHHF).  Initially Yudy served as a medical interpreter for two days in November of 2016, and later as a dental assistant for a week in both 2017 and 2018. 

In November of 2016, Yudy moved to La Ceiba, to begin a two-year job as a Customer Service Interpreter for Language Line Solutions, (LLS). Yudy quickly advanced and became a Certified Medical Interpreter for LLS by completing training, testing and 2000 hours of practice as a medical interpreter. In January of 2017, Yudy started classes at CEUTEC initially majoring in logistical engineering and then later switching her major to Public Accounting and Finance.  (During her two years of working with LLS, Yudy also ran a successful online retail business, YUME, selling clothing and perfumes to friends, business associates and classmates.)

Yudy’s anticipated graduation from CEUTEC is early in 2021 and one of the requirements for her diploma is completing a Project or an Internship in social community service. Naturally, Yudy intends to do both.  Some of the community service projects Yudy has already participated in for her degree include Mother’s Day Events, Clothing Drives, distributing food to the needy and planting trees and collecting trash near the ocean.

In the Fall of 2018, Yudy also submitted a proposal to the TLC Community Engagement Initiative for Alumni.  Yudy received funding and established a jewelry making co-op in La Mayo.  The co-op is thriving and continues to recruit members and provide additional training sessions for its members. In addition to financial benefits, this co-op has provided its members with a renewed sense of purpose and self-worth.  It has also strengthened the bonds between the women in the community.   Yudy continues to provide support to the co-op in the form of motivational talks, marketing advice and jewelry packaging consultations.

Yudy’s newest project is assisting the farmers in her community with their tax preparation.  This endeavor will provide Yudy with practical experience beneficial to her future career as an accountant.

Of all of these activities, Yudy speaks most passionately about her community service activities and how she has been able to motivate others to participate in those activities.  “I am very happy to see some of my colleagues working in service to those less fortunate in our country. Many of them are surprised by the good feelings they receive in doing this work.  I am hopeful for this new generation of Hondurans.”  

In Yudy, we feel the next generation of Hondurans is in very good hands.  Congratulations, Yudy. We applaud your success as a  business owner, student and community volunteer. We are very proud of you.