TLC Graduate Hosts Event That Changes Lives

By Marta, Graduate of Leadership Mission International

My name is Marta and I graduated from The Leadership Center in 2013. 

Leadership Mission International invests in their graduates to help them begin to work in their communities to improve their platform and give them a place to be able to have positive influence.

I applied for an opportunity for Leadership Mission International to give financial support to a graduate to put on an event in their community, and I was selected!  

My community event was done on Saturday August 18th in Rio Esteban Balfate, Colon located in the Northern part of Honduras, about 10 minutes from the beach; this is a very beautiful and cultural place.

The event I organized was a church conference that started on time and all pieces were put together in the way they should! The pastors arrived the same day alongside with their families to speak at this conference.

We prayed that the people who were invited would come and that the Word to be preached would reach and touch hearts in need. As the first conference was shared, by Pastor Danilo, the people started to laugh and interact with him and enjoy his message. That continued throughout the whole program. About 10 people received Jesus that day and others asked for God’s presence in its fullest.

It was very satisfying to see their tears while they surrendered to the Savior, which was our main purpose and I could say it was achieved!

The local team of women and men in the church were in charge of the meal and other support activities.  It was also satisfying to see them work with such Joy and passion as for God and not for men. They were amazed how the event was developed and could also see God’s hand through everything that was done on that day.

The local leaders and I are hoping that this kind of event can be done in the future and hope to spread God’s Word in surrounding villages so that they can attend to the next event.

We are all very grateful for the encouragement and support of Leadership Mission International!