The Journey of Sponsorship

By Karen Connell

After coming to TLC for the first time, I found out about student sponsorship and signed up to sponsor a student in the next cohort. I was able to meet the student I was sponsoring on my next trip and spent a lot of time getting to know her and hear about her plans and dreams for her future after TLC.

I mentioned to my mom about all the wonderful things that LMI was doing in Honduras and she decided to sponsor a student the following year. She unfortunately has not been able to visit TLC herself, but I have had a great time meeting her sponsored students as well as mine over the last five years. We send them notes of encouragement and love getting updates from LMI. My parents are now both sending regular donations to LMI as they have seen what a difference is being made in not only the students’ lives, but also in Honduras.

This past January my husband, Jon, was able to finally come to TLC. We met our newest student, Ingrid and had so much fun with her and her friends. She also happens to be roommates and best friends with my mom’s sponsored student, so that made it even more special to spend time with both of them. Visiting TLC is a great experience, but having this connection with a student that you sponsor makes it even more meaningful. Seeing their English skills improve and their self confidence grow from year one to year two is truly amazing. 

Are you interested in partnering with the next generation of young, Honduran leaders? This July we will be welcoming 30 new students to campus. Learn more about becoming a sponsor today! Click the button below.