The Beauty of Independence, Past and Present

By Reina, Cohort 13

Honduran Independence Day has always been an exciting event for me. Since I was a child, I have really enjoyed watching, hearing, and being a part of the celebration. In my hometown, Copán Ruinas, it is a tradition to have parades every September 15th in which every child and teenager represents different aspects of what it means to be Honduran and what we are proud of. 

The day is divided into sections that each focus on a unique area of Honduran culture. There is the part where traditional dresses made by students using natural items always shine, the part where students with high grades are given the honor of carrying the flags of Central America, the part where beautiful girls parade like palillonas or pomponeras, and more. My favorite part of the day is when the band plays. I love how the lyres and güiros sound and how the beat of the drums shakes you and makes you feel alive.

The event is exciting, fun, and exhausting, and the whole town comes to enjoy the festivities. There is always traditional food to enjoy like chances, baleadas, atoles, and cold drinks. Another thing that is nice to see is entire families celebrating together, mothers and fathers and children. I used to look for my mom among the crowd at every moment, and she was always there. 

Because of this special celebration, I have learned what being a Honduran is and how much I love my culture. Everyone seeks liberty, but it isn’t something that’s always easy to reach. My ancestors fought for their freedom and won, inspiring every Honduran to fight for what they want. Now I am fighting here at The Leadership Center, trying to learn, improve myself, and envision change for my community. I am fighting for my future, my country, my family, and for me. 

Help us continue to foster independence and leadership qualities within our students this quarter.