A Life Long Friendship

I sponsored my first student at The Leadership Center (TLC) in 2015. Eight years later, and I have been supporting and writing letters to five very special women. Each sponsorship has become more than just an exchange of letters. These young women have shared with me their stories, their dreams, and  their fears. And I have likewise shared mine with them. It’s so exciting to receive that first letter. Over time, their English improves, the nervous introduction transforms into a friendship, and by the time graduation rolls around, I am always proud of just how far they’ve come. 

I want to share with you today about one of these young women, Dania. She was part of Cohort 9 and graduated in 2020. We developed a connection within the first few letters we wrote to each other and over time, that connection grew. In Dania’s words, “Since I started my first year I was able to write letters to my sponsor with the dream of one day I’d meet her in person. Her support through letters helped me to never give up. After graduating from TLC, our communication and friendship became even stronger, thanks to God.  ” 

From  Dania’s desire to keep up her English, we began to have weekly Zoom calls where we would have conversational English practice. To our surprise, these organic practice sessions developed into a more formal Alumni English program. Over time, the word spread among the alumni, so more volunteers began to hold sessions for graduates throughout the month. 

I have since been fortunate enough to have visited campus several times in the last year and a half. Two of those times, Dania was able to visit for the weekend. It was so wonderful to meet her in person after all this time of exchanging letters and having Zoom calls. She is currently in university studying Social Work, and I am amazed at all that she has accomplished. I am so very thankful that I get to be a part of her life. Not just for the two years she was a student at TLC, but for the rest of our lives. 

Shannan Chapman, Sponsor 

“I hope to see more people support LMI and experience the type of friendship that Shannan and I have built over the years.”  –Dania

Your partnership will change a women’s life forever. Dania and Shannan’s friendship wouldn’t have been possible without Shannan’s desire to impact a women’s life in Honduras. Impact a Life Forever. Create Change. #stronghearts

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