Support Cohort 12

In 2021, LMI is growing its impact by committing to house and train 30 young women in Cohort 12, reflecting a 25% growth in our student body.  Through generous donations from Floris United Methodist Church and Restoration Reston Church, LMI is able to build a new classroom to support this effort.  

For young women in Honduras, particularly those growing up in rural areas, very few have the opportunity to access education beyond high school. Many of them experience poverty, domestic violence, and unjust governmental systems, but few women see themselves as leaders who are able to impact change in their country. The Leadership Center, a ministry of Leadership Mission International  provides a 2 year educational program for women from rural Honduran communities to access opportunities for leadership and community change!

Of our graduates over the past five years, 78% of them are in leadership roles with non-profit organizations throughout Honduras, or have started entrepreneurial ventures, or are teachers in schools of rural, underserved communities throughout Honduras, or leveraged their education at The Leadership Center to continue on to Honduran universities in the fields of finance, engineering, psychology, and more. Our graduates are active in their local communities in a variety of community development programs.

Sponsoring a student is a great opportunity for a family, church or company to encourage and empower one young woman to change Honduras through ethical leadership. Sponsorship includes mentoring and communicating with a student regularly, giving $25-300/month for 2 years and potentially visiting The Leadership Center campus. 

To complete this campaign, we are currently raising sponsorships for the new students for Cohort 12 and raising funds to expand our dorms.  Please consider supporting us in this growth.