Lessons on Leadership from Co-Founder Joseph Rahm

By Hannah Bryant

On Tuesday evening, former director and co-founder of Leadership Mission International Joseph Rahm spoke to about 50 of our graduates. He shared the results of his dissertation research on Leadership in rural Honduras, where he interviewed a great number of individuals who had risen into positions of leadership and influence from material poverty and all manner of challenging and unjust situations. He journeyed through their stories to learn more about what it takes to become a leader when faced with extreme challenges. Through his research he discovered that across the board, perseverance and determination – the self-discipline and drive to discover and live out God’s purpose for their lives – and the need for strong and nurturing mentors – were consistent in the leaders he learned from.
What a powerful message, not just for our graduates, but for each one of us as we navigate through the challenges the world has offered up to us this year. How do we nurture that kind of internal drive inside of ourselves when life is rough, as it inevitably is sometimes? Where do we discover the community and mentorship that will invite us into and push us toward that kind of God-centered life?
By the time they join us at The Leadership Center, students of Leadership Mission International have already shown a level of drive and resilience that is life-giving and transformative. Each one of them upholds a passion to see change in their own lives and in their communities … and as they graduate and re-enter life outside of TLC, they return home as vibrant leaders, forces of change. What a gift to be a part of such a life-giving community.