Jené Lewis

Hailing from the picturesque town of Stellenbosch, Jené is more than a Marketing Communications
Specialist; she is a storyteller with an unwavering passion for bringing narratives to life.
Jené is drawn to the art of storytelling through various mediums. Whether immersed in the world of
movies, sketching captivating images on paper, or crafting verses of poetry, she seamlessly
integrates creativity into every facet of life. More than anything else, she loves people and cherishes
the opportunity to connect with and understand them.
With a rich background spanning digital marketing, radio broadcasting, and the dynamic realm of
retail, Jené brings a multifaceted perspective to every project. The world, in all its diversity, serves as
her muse.
Connect with Jené on Instagram at to follow her personal journey
in Honduras, exploring the convergence of creativity, marketing, and a life lived in abundance.