Jorge Theresin

Jorge is originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. His desire to know how big brands operate led him to study Marketing and International Business, obtaining his first degree at UNITEC University. The following year he set a goal of having his own business and complemented his knowledge in marketing with a second degree in Industrial Administration. He has had experience in the areas of Human Resources and advertising agencies. His hobby is traveling and getting to know new cultures, which is why he has been trained in various seminars and classes in Colombia, Chile and Panama on logistics, international marketing strategies and entrepreneurship generation.

Currently, Jorge continues to run his own business and along the way he realized the obstacles and restrictions that occur in the process of wanting to open a business in Honduras. For that reason a desire to contribute to Honduran society awoke in him, using his experiences studies and skills making them available to people who do not have easy access to this type of experience, seeking to guide them and prepare them for the true entrepreneurial climate of the country.