New Semester Ahead, Despite Challenges

By Esmeralda

Coming back to TLC has been challenging because of the pandemic. Since the pandemic started, a lot of things have not worked well especially education because most of the students cannot attend school. TLC is one of the exceptions because thanks to God, we have been attending school, and there may have been some difficulties, but we have tried hard and we have advanced a lot in our studies. We have gone to our homes twice, but those trips have not been easy for most of us because when we come back to campus, we have to take COVID tests and some of us have gotten a positive COVID test.

This time that we came back to campus, we had to be in quarantine for two or three weeks. Some of us could not come the same day that all the students had to come because we got sick, and we were not able to travel. When we were in quarantine, we did not feel comfortable because normally we are accustomed to be all of us together, but for those weeks of quarantine it wasn’t possible because we have to take some distance and no have contact with all the girls. Once we finished quarantine, we started classes but we still keep following some security measures. We are happy to be attending classes again because it is very interesting to be all the students together again.

I am very excited to learn more about leadership also, about business. I want to get more experience about leading groups and at the same time helping people. It is very interesting for me to develop my leadership because I am willing to work with people from communities in the future. I am very happy because I know that being at TLC is a big opportunity to get a lot of knowledge and at the same time practice it. Business is something very important to me because it will help me become more independent in the future and by learning about business it will be easier for me to start my own business so, that’s why I am very excited to learn about it.