LMI March for Women

Across Honduras, countless women are rising above adversity to become prominent thinkers, ethical leaders, and impactful changemakers. Join us this spring for the LMI March for Women, a monthlong event celebrating the women who are taking strides to transform Honduras and the world. Coinciding with Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, this initiative is a chance to learn more about the groundbreaking contributions of women and how we can continue moving #forwardtogether. 

Ways to Participate

#1 March with our students

Sign up to complete one of our three challenges during the month of March—whether you’re an early-morning runner, biking enthusiast, or casual walks on the beach kind of person, there’s something for everyone! Progress through your journey and unlock milestones that feature incredible stories told by our alumnae and current students.

As you #gothedistance for women in Honduras, your miles will raise the awareness and financial support for our students. Research shows that when we invest in resources for women, we #inspireinclusion by empowering women to enter important conversations and discover the strength of their own voice. Be a part of this change with us! Choose the challenge that empowers you to be the change in the lives of women in Honduras. 

Are you ready to March? Whether you are marching 34 miles, 70 miles, or 127 miles, the mileage challenges start March 1st until March 31st. 

#2 Become a Fundraiser

Becoming a fundraiser means using our provided platform to gather a team of sponsors and raise $300 toward resources for the women on our campus. Throughout the event, you can update your sponsors, cheer on other participants, and experience being a crucial part of an international movement. With your generous support, we’re aiming to raise a total of $30,000 this March to continue empowering women to make the world a brighter, more inclusive place—one step at a time.

#3 Donate

Finally, if joining a challenge or becoming a fundraiser is just not your speed, then we’d still love for you to consider partnering with us. Click the button below to donate to March for Women today. #forwardtogether


Count Down until March 1st