LMI – 2021-2022 Annual Report

By Hannah Bryant

Dear LMI Friends and Family,

Statistics from this report reflect that 2021-22 was a record year for Leadership Mission International, not only in numbers but even more in community impact. As of June 2022, we have over 100 graduates making an impact in communities and sectors around Honduras. Some are entrepreneurs who have started small businesses using our microfinance loan program. We have other graduates who are School Directors, Presidents of their Patrinatos (local community government), and leaders in nonprofits throughout the country.

Marta, for example, from Cohort 1 first took a job with a nonprofit organization called Water Mission after she graduated from our program. She supported their work in developing clean drinking water systems for communities and organizations in the rural parts of Honduras for several years. Most recently, she took a fellowship with another nonprofit called Urban Promise to grow further in her skills as a community leader and organizer.

Others have used tools and skills they’ve learned at The Leadership Center (TLC) to pass University entrance exams and become the first individual in their families to attain a higher-level degree. Yudy, for example, from Cohort 5, finished a degree in Finance and works in a few different companies in San Pedro Sula. She is now also a partner with a Rotary Club in San Pedro Sula and working on several community projects in low resource communities.

We could not have done this work alone. Our Board of Directors, alongside a rich network of donors, corporate partners, volunteers, board members, and churches, have leveraged their generosity to make a lifelong impact for women and their communities in Honduras. Further, we can proudly say that our philanthropic partners here in the US and around the world join us in the work of transformation. We encounter our own stories in a unique way through the lived experiences of women in Honduras passionate about creating opportunities for their families and communities.

As we continue to grow, this work of developing partnerships for mutual transformation and sustainable change is at the heart and center of everything of we do. Thank you for joining us in our mission to empower women as leaders for sustainable community change throughout Honduras.



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LMI Annual Report 2021-2022