Women with Purpose: Living What is Possible!

On October 5th, Women with Purpose, an organized group of alumni from The Leadership Center, held the 3rd annual TLC Alumni Reunion. Twenty-five graduates braved flooded rivers and roads to journey to campus, returning from various places across the country of Honduras—some enduring 10+ hour bus rides to do so.

The Alumni reunion brings together graduates and currently enrolled students of The Leadership Center for a day of reflection, celebration and encouragement. The program was made up of graduates as panelists sharing their stories of challenge, perseverance and success. We launched that morning with Odalys who opened by encouraging us to be Brave and not perfect! Odalys shared that she is employed as a Community Outreach Coordinator for El Ayudante, a large non-profit in Honduras that is providing practical medical and holistic care for individuals and families from a Christ-centered perspective. She encouraged all by reminding us that our graduates and students have a role to inspire and encourage others.

Joseph Rahm, our long time Executive Director spoke about how change is necessary for growth. Joseph and Hailey Rahm were honored and recognized for their years of service to TLC as they begin their transition back to the United States. Although we will miss the Rahm family terribly, we are blessed and excited to have Hannah Bryant, a former TLC teacher and Director for BECA (Bilingual Education for Central America) transition into the role of Executive Director. Hannah shared a beautiful blessing that honored the Rahms for bringing us to where we are as she encouraged us all to look forward regarding what continues to be possible.

Women with Purpose, a movement started by graduates from The Leadership Center, was the organizing and coordinating body for the Alumni Gathering. Leading representative from their group, Rosa Hernandez, shared their vision: To ensure Honduran women cultivate their potential and live what is possible. Graduates spread throughout Honduras remain a part of Women with Purpose in order to encourage each other to hold strong to their visions and dreams for community leadership and change, years after they graduate from our program.

When people come to The Leadership Center, they typically tell us they do so with the intention to give of  their time and experience. They then leave inspired and encouraged by the impact these young woman are making.

Meet Cindy Mejia!

Hello my name is Cindy Mejia. I am from Siguatepeque-Comayagua. I came to The Leadership Center because I really wanted to study. To my surprise, when I started studying here, they didn’t only help me academically but they helped me to grow as leader and spiritually as well.

I knew that in this place my life would change a lot and It did it. Now I have more knowledge and new skills that will help me in the future as a leader. For example right now I am learning Community development, Leadership, Leading Change and Central American History.

Being in this place has helped me recognize that as women we have a lot of capacity to do many things in life. This opportunity will help me to be a good leader in my community and have more job opportunities.

Besides learning Leadership and Community Development, I am growing more as a Christian. I am in a discipleship group where we share our testimonies about how we got to know Christ, we read the Bible, pray for each other and spend time together.

Something that I really like about TLC, is that when we get here we become a family, because since I came here, all staff members, classmates, roommates, sponsors and visitors are people who really care about us. They have been encouraging me to continue working hard and they have helped me to improve in different areas. They are the best example to me. Spending time with my friends at TLC is one the best hobbies that I really like to do. I will never regret to have come here because this place is amazing. Whoever comes here, they fall in love with the place and the people.

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