When Humanitarian Ideas Become Real Relationships

Intro: Hellen graduated from The Leadership Center in June 2023, and shortly after, she became an intern with El Ayudante. This blog was written by Hellen during her internship. 

I am currently completing my internship at El Ayudante, an organization that I am so grateful for. Getting to be a part of what they do has been such a big blessing for me. I have deeply enjoyed being here and learning more about the communities that El Ayudante works with. Fortunately, each day at my internship is different. I get to do many things, such as attend meetings in various communities, plan events, translate for teams, coordinate classes, teach, test equipment, and more. However, as with any experience, there have also been challenges for me. Some of these have been related to my personality—those who know me are aware that I can be shy sometimes. My internship with El Ayudante has pushed me to become more extroverted than I am used to. I have been asked to emcee big events, which is something that is far beyond my comfort zone. Even though this discomfort hasn’t been easy for me, I know that these experiences are helping me develop courage and grow parts of my character that were not as strong before. 

One of the things I am enjoying most about my internship is getting to know people from various communities—listening to their stories and bringing them hope through God’s word, which is something I am extremely passionate about. I am sure that, had I not come to The Leadership Center, I would not understand the importance of building relationships as much as I do now. Putting the concept of forming connections into practice through El Ayudante is something that brings me so much joy. Exploring the idea of understanding and loving people at The Leadership Center was only the beginning—with El Ayudante, I often encounter real experiences where I have to connect with and support other people. Sometimes, forming these relationships can be difficult, but my hope is to continue learning through El Ayudante and applying the knowledge that I gained at The Leadership Center throughout my career. After my internship is over, I would love to continue helping people. I don’t know exactly how that is going to look yet, but I am sure that I can keep making a change in my community and country with God’s guidance. I thank Him every day for this awesome opportunity.