Volunteer Release and Liability Waiver

Leadership Mission International (“LMI”) is a public charity based in the United States that manages and operates The Leadership Center (“TLC”) in Honduras, an educational mission and ministry for women. Information about LMI and TLC is available at https://leadershipmissioninternational.org 

The undersigned “Volunteer” wishes to serve as a volunteer with Leadership Mission International (LMI) in Honduras during a “Service Trip”. In consideration of the benefits received from Volunteer’s participation in the Service Trip, Volunteer hereby affirms and agrees that:

1. Acknowledgment of Risks
I understand and acknowledge that participating in the Service Trip may entail hazards, dangers, and risks to bodily health, safety, and well-being. Such risks may include matters covered by the U.S. State Department travel warnings as well as risks associated with a) health hazards due to food and water, diseases, pests b) potential Injury while traveling or at TLC and c) inadequate medical facilities.

I acknowledge that TLC has limited resources and does not provide any type of insurance to Volunteer. I have been advised to consider that the risks inherent in the Service Trip may be caused by the negligence of the Volunteer, the negligence of others, accidents, forces of nature, human hostilities, or other causes and I knowingly accept those risks.

2. Obligations of the Volunteer
As a condition of participating in the Service Trip, the Volunteer shall obtain and purchase medical insurance from a qualified insurer such as https://www.gomissiontrip.com/. Proof of coverage must be provided by email to LMI 15 days before Volunteer’s arrival at TLC.

In addition, while at TLC, Volunteer will (1) consistently follow the rules of LMI, 2) obey all instructions of the LMI Staff and (3) alert the LMI Staff immediately of any dangers to the health, safety or welfare of any individual(s).
The Volunteer agrees that their photo or image may be used as a part of LMI or TLC promotional or educational materials, as long as Volunteer’s last name is not used.

3. Medical Permission
I understand that medical treatment and health care services may not be available on a timely basis in the event of an emergency. I authorize LMI and its agents, or any local medical personnel / facilities to provide medical treatment to the Volunteer.

4. Volunteer Release and Liability Waiver
I have voluntarily agreed to participate in the Service Trip, and intending to be legally bound, I hereby, for myself, for any minors under the age of 18 traveling with me, for my heirs, executors, and legal representatives, assume all risks and dangers. I hereby agree to release and hold harmless LMI and TLC, its service providers, employees, volunteers, directors, officers, and other agents from any and all liabilities, claims, demands, actions, or losses for or from bodily injury, property damage, sickness, wrongful death, loss of services, or otherwise, which may arise out of the Volunteer’s participation in the Service Trip or related activities, for any reason or by any cause including through the negligence or carelessness or LMI or TLC or its agents. This Volunteer Release and Liability Waiver is also understood to include any persons who may be engaged in any transportation activity, or attending to, or accompanying, the Volunteer to any medical treatment facility.

5. Conciliation
I agree that in the unlikely event of a dispute of any kind that arises from the Service Trip or this Volunteer Release and Liability Waiver, such dispute shall be settled only by arbitration through the American Arbitration Association. Venue for such arbitration will be the Commonwealth of Virginia. In any arbitration, the maximum amount of recovery I will be entitled to is limited by actual damages. Further, I agree to reimburse LMI or TLC for any costs and attorney’s fees if I commence such an action. Judgment upon an arbitration award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction, and such arbitration is the sole remedy and is non-appealable.