The Magic of LMI’s Campus: A Word from a Visitor

By Christine Dellecave

Our dedicated Development Committee member, Christine Dellecave, shares about her awe-inspiring time visiting LMI’s campus in Honduras this October.

No amount of reading could have prepared me for the joy I experienced at The Leadership Center in Honduras during my visit. And, it wasn’t just my joy. The air was full of resilience, and alive with hopes and dreams – those of campus leadership, the teachers and staff, the visitors and the students. Never could I have imagined how much education, encouragement and support could enable someone to rise above difficult circumstances, work so hard to reach their goals, believe they will have a better life, and experience so much happiness through it all.

Christine & students working in one of our Vegetable Farms on campus

This trip invigorated my spirit of adventure, my belief that all things are possible, the importance of connection, and made clear our capability as humans for kindness, love, joy, generosity and resilience. On the final night of our trip, the students hosted an incredible, all-out party to celebrate being together – complete with music, games, dancing, laughing and special snacks. There were no barriers, no obstacles, no challenges in that moment – just the joy that love, hope and community give freely. I did not want to be anywhere else.  

The Leadership Center brings hope and empowerment to many; people who understand – and embrace – the gift it truly is. This work matters and truly changes the lives of those involved in unimaginable ways. It can for you, too.

Christine helping out in our first year English class

Students line up to give goodbye hugs to our beloved visitors

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