The Leadership Center Honors The Rahm Family and Welcomes New Leadership

By Dan Moore, Chairman, Leadership Mission International

Dear Friends of LMI and The Leadership Center,

All of us at Leadership Mission International would like to thank you for your generosity and support. Whether you’ve been a student sponsor, participated in a team mission trip, encouraged and motivated our students through social media, contributed to a business start-up, or participated in our organization in many other ways, we want to make sure you know how grateful we are for your support. With your continued support and encouragement, we work hard to educate and develop young women of rural Honduras so that they can make a positive impact in their communities and country.

This is an exciting time for Leadership Mission International as we take the next steps to sustain and grow our ministry and mission.

Some of you may already know that Joseph Rahm, our current campus director, Hailey and their four children will be returning to the United States permanently at the end of November. While this is sad news for many people who know Joseph and his family, we are very excited about our new TLC campus director. Mizraim Tovar, along with his wife, Sayra and children Pablo and Elisa, will be moving to The Leadership Center on October 1st. Mizraim has nearly 15 years of experience working in various organizations, churches, and bilingual schools in Honduras. We are excited about having a Honduran director on campus, and feel very confident that Mizraim and his family will lead and manage our campus activities and programming following in the footsteps of Joseph and Hailey’s outstanding history.

LMI has also hired our first US-based Executive Director. Hannah Bryant is a former LMI board member, teacher at The Leadership Center, and has three years of educational management experience working in Honduras with another educational organization. Hannah is a licensed teacher in the state of Washington, and has a passion for education, leadership development, and women’s empowerment. We feel confident that her knowledge and experience with the organization is going to allow her to lead LMI into a very bright future as we strive to educate, train, and develop more young Honduran women to become a new generation of ethical leaders.

Joseph will continue his support and engagement with LMI and TLC, as an active board member. He will work with Hannah and Mizraim as a close adviser and mentor over the next year.

While Joseph’s future is not completely clear with regards to his new work and geographic location, he and Hailey are fully committed to the mission and vision of LMI which they were instrumental in establishing and developing. We are particularly excited that they will be active in the United States by connecting individuals, families, churches, and organizations to the work that we are doing in Honduras. We are confident that his knowledge and experience will be an asset to the organization for many years to come.

Feel free to congratulate Hannah and Mizraim on their new roles, and to thank Joseph, Hailey and their family for almost nine years of service living in Honduras. We look forward to many more great years as we move into a bright future educating, training, and developing a new generation of ethical women leaders!

On behalf of the board of LMI, Joseph, Hailey, Hannah and Mizraim, thank you very much for your support and encouragement.

Dan Moore
Chairman, Leadership Mission International