The Impact of LMI w/ Wendy Ramirez

By LMI Communications Coordinator, Leah Rome

Below you will find the transcript of my interview with Wendy. Wendy is a Cohort 12 student at TLC, Leadership Mission International’s Campus in Honduras.


Leah: So I am here with Wendy, one of our Cohort 12 students at TLC, so she’s a first year. She’s been here for about 6 months and she’s going to tell us a little bit about her life before TLC, and how TLC has impacted her life since she got here about 6 months ago. So, can you tell me a little bit about how your life was growing up; who were you surrounded by, where did you live? 

Wendy: Okay, hello, I grew up in a place called Montana De Luz. I lived with many brothers and sisters, and I met many friends. 

Leah: So what was Montana De Luz?

Wendy: Montana De Luz is an orphanage and this place help youngs and children for different ages, and this place helps with our studies and with a lot and they teach us how to be independent in your life. And this place, it helped me a lot.

Leah: So how old were you when you went to Montana De Luz, the orphanage?

Wendy: I was 2 years old and I left when I was 18 years old. 

Leah: So did you go to school at Montana De Luz? 

Wendy: Yes, I went to school when I was in Montana De Luz. 

Leah: How did you feel growing up in an orphanage?

Wendy: I think it was a really good opportunity for me because the place helped me a lot. And I learned many things. I can feel more confident with myself because they give me many things. 

Leah: A lot of opportunities?

Wendy: Yes a lot of opportunities, yes. 

Leah: Now, let’s talk about what skills you’ve learned since being on campus at TLC.

Wendy: I have learned to work on a team, which is something that we use a lot here, and with our roommates, with classmates and this is not an easy thing, because we need to have a good communication. Here at TLC they are teaching us a lot about it. 

Leah: Yeah, we do a lot of teamwork here at TLC which is a good skill to learn. So what are some personal developments you have seen while at TLC?

Wendy: I think a personal change that I have experienced is my mind, my way of thinking. Because before TLC I can’t imagine I could manage my things, but now I can see all the things with different perspective. 

Leah: Very interesting. TLC definitely exposes you to many different things while you’re here, and challenges your way of thinking, which broadens your perspective on a lot of things in life. What makes you most excited about life after graduation? And I know that you won’t be graduating for another year and a half, but what are you excited about when you leave?

Wendy: The most exciting thing about my life after TLC, I will be prepared to make different changes in my community, and I will have more opportunities to find a job. The most exciting thing about when I graduate is I will be so proud for myself, for all the effort that I did and I will feel happy for all the things that I learned at TLC. 

Leah: Yes, that’s awesome. You should be very proud of yourself when you graduate because you work so hard, and I see that everyday. Yeah, it’s not easy to be here, a lot of things challenge the way you think, the way you act. It’s definitely something to be proud of. So that’s awesome. How does your future look different to you now that you have attended TLC?

Wendy: They will look different because I will have more opportunities when I leave TLC, and I can put into practice that knowledge that I have attained at TLC. 

Leah: I love that. What class are you most looking forward to for next year?

Wendy: I think community development because I think I will learn a lot about how I can help my community and how I can make changes. I know it is so difficult to help our community because we have many challenges, but I think TLC will prepare us to make different changes in our life. 

Leah: Well I am proud of you, and everyone at TLC is proud of you, so thank you for being here with me today.

Wendy: Thank you!