Thank You for Partnering with Honduran Leaders!

By Hannah Bryant

Dear friends, family, and partners of The Leadership Center: 

Happy holidays! As many of you know, this has been a year of change, of growth, and of gratitude at The Leadership Center. As of April 2019, we have graduated a total of 64 young Honduran women from our program in our first eight cohorts. They are now establishing lives and leading change in almost every region of Honduras. 


As we have seen the women learn and grow in our program, we also have grown in the fulfillment of our mission to develop a new generation of ethical women leaders in Honduras. Our exceptional academics, leadership, entrepreneurial and community development experiences have shaped the worldview and dreams of many of our students.  

What this looks like on the ground is Yondia from Cohort 6 begins an Ice House business this month in La Mosquitia, while Karen Ramirez from Cohort 5 took on the prestigious role of Program Coordinator with Orphan Outreach’s Child Community Development Center this past summer. Odalys Viera of Cohort 7 led a meaningful conference on “Embracing Courage in Change” at our Alumni Gathering this year, and leads as Community Outreach Coordinator for Ayudante Ministries. Meanwhile, Yolany Garcia from Cohort 4 studies Engineering at UNA, one of the most prestigious universities in Honduras, and continues to pursue her long-term dream of starting water projects in the agricultural villages of her community in Intibuca. We could not be more proud of these and the 80%  of our graduates who are working or studying to take on leadership roles in many aspects of their nation, and truly embrace the call to lead community growth.

We offer our deepest gratitude to you for your faithful support and partnership with us in this meaningful work, and we would invite you to consider a generous gift to us as this year closes and we look ahead towards future growth. Make tax deductible checks to the address above, or consider giving online at

Merry Christmas to you and your family, and may the new year bring hope, joy and fresh opportunity! 


Hannah Bryant

Executive Director, Leadership Mission International 

Dan  Moore

Board Chairman, Leadership Mission International