Technology Enhancements: Faster Internet and a Laptop for Every Student

By Natalie Claypool

At Leadership Mission International (LMI), we know that technology is not only a valuable resource to elevate our students’ learning, but that it is also a necessity to competitively enter the business, nonprofit, and higher education world.

This week, thanks to the generosity and shared vision of our supporters and donors, we brought 30 new laptops onto campus, allowing every one of our second-year students to receive her very own laptop. In the next month, this number will grow to 50 laptops on campus, further equipping each of our first-year students with her own laptop. We will also begin construction of a campus computer lab that will grant our students with even more technology and space to explore. With these resources, our students will learn key digital literacy skills such as online research, resume building, information evaluation, and Microsoft Suite. Our goal is to expand this number of laptops each year so that every student both receives her own high-speed laptop while at TLC and keeps it beyond graduation. With this resource, our graduates will be able to utilize the laptops to start their own businesses, serve communities through nonprofit work, and pursue further education. We are actively seeking donors and partner organizations to invest in and actualize our goal of endowing our graduates with this lifelong resource.

Second-year students Evelin and Nazareth with their new laptops in their Computers, Research, & Writing course.

We also upgraded to fiber-optic Internet that allows our teachers to access more digital resources and further enhance learning on campus. The COVID-19 pandemic catapulted this necessity of Internet access by demonstrating what technology can do for global learning. Throughout this past year of social distancing and online schooling, we have all experienced the power that the Internet holds to expand our learning potential through classes taught virtually via Zoom and world-class education opportunities through YouTube, Khan Academy, Kahoot, and so much more. Our students can satisfy their curiosity outside of the classroom by exploring self-learning with their own laptops and Internet access throughout campus. With this Internet access upgrade, the potential for our students and teachers is limitless.

As students and business professionals all around the world capitalize on their technological skills, it is key for Honduran women to have access to these same resources. In a world of rapidly advancing technology and innovation, we recognize that not all of us benefit from this development equally. We are determined to ensure that neither Honduras nor its leaders are left behind. It is important for us to not only offer these ambitious women the same opportunities as students in other countries, but to also personalize their learning to help them achieve their unique goals and ambitions. With this combination of one-to-one student laptops and upgraded Internet, we are dedicated to creating a highly-accredited, modern learning experience for both students and teachers.

This initiative would not have been possible without the generosity and shared vision of our supporters and donors. We are incredibly thankful for the support of organizations and individuals all around the world who are dedicated to improving technology access for women leaders in underserved areas. It is only through collaboration and immense dedication to make initiatives like ours possible!

Connect with us to learn more about LMI’s commitment to closing the technology gap for women in Honduras and to support our initiative to provide long-term laptops to each of our aspiring student leaders.