Prospective Students for Cohort 12!

By Olivia Loveday

The search is on for the next 30 future women leaders of Honduras! This week marked the last stage of interviews across Honduras in search of the new students joining us for our next cohort at The Leadership Center (TLC). It’s a privilege to be planning the twelfth cohort, especially under current constraining conditions. 

Previously, applicants visited campus and had the chance to sense how well they would fit in with our leadership development program. Unfortunately, COVID-19 had other plans. This year, Mizraim, Gibelly and Carla have been travelling across Honduras to speak to prospective candidates. The interviews took place in accordance with safety regulations (face masks, no close contact). Awareness of the program came through other NGO partners such as Fundación CAMO and Educate to Ambition, as well as from valuable alumni referrals. We’ve also seen an increase in women reaching out to us through our website and social media accounts.

While Leadership Mission International (LMI) has a set of entrance criteria, the most important is a determined interest in knowledge and learning, where there is no possibility for further education (University) due to economic constrictions, or personal situation. We provide an opportunity in life for those who just could not otherwise feasibly access it. Additionally, the women must show an interest in helping others. It is vital that they understand the importance of giving back to their communities and transfer the values instilled in them at TLC by our educators, activities and seminars.

I spoke to Gibelly, our Student Relations Coordinator who told me: “The process was challenging, but at the same time it’s great to know that we have finished the interviews. In July we’ll be welcoming our newest students. Another evident motivation is how excited the confirmed students are about this new chapter in their lives!”. 

When the students join LMI, they not only get an education, but also learn how to become leaders in their communities across the country. We are excited about their potential and look forward to their growth as they transfer their passion for learning to thrive in their communities throughout Honduras. 

Leadership Mission International is growing and Cohort 12 will see a 25% increase in students while our acceptance standards remain high. This will be accompanied by an increase in the number of dedicated volunteers and staff: it is an incredible feeling to be growing as an NGO!

Thank you to all for your incredible continued support. We look forward to updating you soon on the exciting updates at TLC! 

(From left to right) Karla (Student Director), Mizraim (Campus Director), and Gibelly (Student Affairs Coordinator).