Meet Iliana, one of our first-year students!

Iliana is a powerful young woman with a heart to serve others and pursue learning. With only the support of her mother, she had to face some difficulties during her school years, but that did not stop her, instead, those difficulties turned into motivation to work even harder to graduate and achieve her goals. To which she says, “When I got my diploma at my high school graduation and saw tears of happiness from my mother and my siblings, I knew it was all worth it.”

During her time at TLC, she has shown exceptional leadership skills, helping her classmates whenever possible and displaying a positive attitude around campus. We are grateful to have Iliana with us and see her grow as a leader.

When we asked her about her experience at TLC, she said, “Coming to TLC was one of my greatest achievements. In a short time, it changed my way of thinking that gender does not matter to be a leader and help others.”