LMI – 2022 – 2023 Annual Report

By Hannah Bryant

Dear LMI Friends and Family,

After 10 years of steady and strategic growth, Leadership Mission International (LMI) celebrates our heritage as the only college specifically for women in Honduras. LMI is hard at work realizing our mission of developing a new generation of ethical and inspiring women leaders, entrepreneurs, and community change agents. This year, with pride and gratitude, we feature the powerful stories of LMI graduates who are rising as leaders to drive sustainable community development throughout nearly every region of Honduras.

Given the current context of the Americas and our wider global context, it is more imperative now than ever that we devote skills, resources, and creative innovation to generating opportunities and building a better world. Particularly in rural areas with high poverty rates, we know that women who are given access to skill-based training and seed resources flourish and invest meaningfully in their communities and future generations. The graduate stories highlighted in this report are only a select few of the many profound examples of this truth.

As an organization, LMI remains committed to the values and legacies that have guided us through our first decade. We are dedicated to providing high-quality education, cultivating a rich atmosphere of faith, fostering a community that is inclusive and diverse, and supporting our graduates by enabling them to access valuable partnerships and create lasting networks within and beyond Honduras.

Since 2013, LMI has graduated 127 women leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers, each with their own vision of how they hope to impact their communities and country. This year, we are supporting 57 students on campus, our largest group to date. We are also prioritizing agricultural innovation, expanding our connections across Honduras to broaden our student recruitment efforts and develop more post-graduate career opportunities, and continuing to champion the development of ambitious, dynamic leaders.

Having been an active member of the LMI community since 2014, I am amazed by the dedicated partners, donors, board members, and staff members who have given so much of themselves to help our mission prosper during our first decade as an organization. With this compassionate, committed team behind us, LMI looks toward our future with optimism and hope.We cannot wait to see and share how LMI grows as we continue pursuing our mission for decades to come.

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All the best,