Lessons in Gardening, Lessons in Life

By Angeles Silva, First Year Student 2018

I like nature because I love its Creator.

I enjoy working in the gardens because of what happens in them.  It is amazing because it’s God’s hand that makes life possible.  My experience of working as a gardening has been great, especially when I am watering the plants.  When I am watering the plants, I have a lot of time to think; I think of many things that have happened in my life and I also think about the future.

The truth is that I enjoy every work that a gardener has. I enjoy the entire process.  Starting with the preparation of the land and soil to the harvest. I enjoy the whole process because it reminds me of the spiritual life. I think in how God prepares me and how he is always taking care of me as I have to do with the garden plants.

During my time of working in the gardens I have learned many things. I have learned how to be patient for the harvest.  I have learned that I need to take care of the deeds if I want them to grow, because if I don’t take care of them they won’t’ grow and I won’t’ get anything out of it!

The most important thing I have learned is that if I want to harvest something [in life], I must plant first.