Graduate Reflections – Darling Ramos

By Darling Ramos


My experiences at TLC have been incredible because they are not like any other memories or experiences that I have ever had. I will never forget my time at TLC and all that I have learned.  One of the best experiences I had at TLC is learning about community development and putting into practice what we have learned in the nearby communities.  This is not only an organization; TLC is the home of many girls who want to make a difference in our country.  TLC teaches us to have wisdom in our relationships and in our communities.  Every moment that I have spent at TLC has been so wonderful because every day we open up something new to put into practice in our lives.  We meet with God each morning at devotionals and learn of His great wonders and his love for us.  In class, we have learned so much from each staff member.  All these incredible people have helped change us and those changes that we made will never leave us.

I am very grateful for TLC and all the help they gave to me during my two years at TLC.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I want to show you that I am grateful by putting everything that I have learned into practice.  You have given me many tools to help me change my country for the better and thanks to you I am ready to be a part of that change.  Thank you for helping me!

Thank you, with love, Darling Ramos