Team Lead Guide

Please follow the steps to assure your team has a safe and enjoyable stay at The Leadership Center. See you soon!

We’re so excited that you are visiting Leadership Mission International’s (LMI) Honduras campus, The Leadership Center (TLC). TLC is a very special place that is filled with very special people. Although life at TLC is very different from the U.S., we know you’ll come to love it as much as we do!  

Over the course of the next couple of months, we will work closely with you and your team to get you ready for your TLC experience.  You have been assigned as the Team Lead for your trip and that comes with some responsibility that we have outlined below.  We ask that you serve as the liaison between your team and the campus leadership during this process.  The following information will help you prepare for your trip; but if you have any questions, do not hesitate reaching out to our team at  

Step 1

When your team finalizes the dates you will visit TLC, the first step is to register your team by filling out the Team Registration Form.  The Campus Leadership should have given you a TEAM CODE that you will use when filling out this form.  If you did not receive this code, please email   

Step 2

Once you have completed Step 1, the Campus Leadership Team will set up a time with you and Partnership Committee Representative (PCR) to finalize dates, discuss trip goals, and plan the first full team meeting.   

Step 3

The first team meeting is a great time for your team to be introduced to Leadership Mission International.  Your team will see a short video that explains what life is like at TLC and you will discuss the possible itineraries for your trip.  For example, does your team want to teach a class, give a seminar or take on a project?  We will go over all of the wonderful things we will do on campus and what to expect.  We can record this meeting in case one of your team members cannot attend this meeting. 

Step 4

At this conclusion of this meeting, the leadership team will send you an email that contains important information that you will send to your team.  This includes a link to the Visitor Guide and to the Handbook that both contain important information for the trip. The Visitor Guide will guide each team member through a series of steps (just like this one for the team lead) that are necessary to register for a visit.  Each team member must complete these steps to be considered registered for the trip.  As a team lead, it is important for you to meet with your team and decide on the activities you want to include on your trip itinerary.

Step 5

Our team will set up another meeting with you to finalize the itinerary for the trip.  This will include any classes your team wants to teach or times/dates for any seminars that you want to give.  If your team decides to take on a project, we will go over the details for it.  We will also review, if desired, the current wish list from the campus (this includes items that your team may bring down with you).  At the conclusion of this meeting, we will send you a detailed itinerary for your trip and a link to the wish list so you can share with your team.

Step 6

The second and last team meeting will review the Handbook, Logistics, Wish List, Itinerary, Honduras Immigration Pre-check Site, COVID requirements, and last minute travel details.  We will answer any questions that the team may have and explain what they can expect when they arrive at the airport.  We will remind everyone to print off the Handbook as it has important information and phone numbers for the trip.  

Thank you for taking on the responsibility of being the TEAM LEAD for your trip.