Leadership Mission International provides 100% scholarships to all students. Sponsoring a student provides a unique opportunity to empower a young woman to invest in herself and her future.

Full scholarships provide students a full curriculum, study materials, housing, food, basic toiletries and medicines. We are able to do this because of the generosity of our student sponsors and donors. The all-inclusive scholarship costs $300 per month, per student, for three years. Our goal is to match each student with 1-3 individuals or families to accomplish the full scholarship amount. If you are interested in investing in the lives of young Honduran women and empowering leaders, click here

Sponsoring a student is a much greater experience than simply providing a donation…

First year students start their education in an emersion English program as learning a second language opens up job opportunities.  When Evelyn Castro joined cohort 11, she shared her story leading up to joining Leadership Mission International’s program. 

“My wife and I sponsor a student because we have seen first-hand how deserving these driven young women are, and have heard their ambitions and felt their gratitude. The TLC program creates a great opportunity for these students to prosper in a very difficult society for women, and for a very reasonable investment.”

— Peter L.