Choluteca-The Sultana of South

By Yislen & Danika

Choluteca is one of the hotter cities in Honduras. Choluteca has beautiful beaches and has many beautiful places to visit. Choluteca is known by having the bigger bridge in Honduras (pictured above). Choluteca has the most delicious seafood meal and has a lot of land that is used for agriculture, fishing, sugar, shrimp, etc. The Choluteca City is rich with minerals such as silver and gold found in the area. Choluteca is home to the Lencas people, in different places of Honduras we have different traditions. 

On Independence Day we have the tradition to go watch the school parades that they make of different groups of bands, dance groups, science groups, and more. Choluteca was the birthplace of the wise Jose Cecilio Valle, writer of Central American Act of Independence. Choluteca has the Valle home where the history about this national hero is found in Honduras. 

Left: Choluteca, in red, is the southern most department of Honduras. Right: One of the many beautiful places to visit in Choluteca.

On September 15th, 2022, The Leadership Center will be hosting a Facebook Live Event for the LMI community to join and celebrate with TLC the freedom and independence that Honduras has had now for 201 years! The event will be held at 5pm PST/ 8pm EST and will feature cultural dress, dancing, and more. If you would like to join that event there is a link below.

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