Building a Safer, Stronger Community – by Ericka Euceda

By Ericka Euceda

As the time flies, our life is flying with it too. That is why we have to live our life as it was our last day on earth.  Before hearing about a second round to do a community project, my sponsor gave an idea. The idea was to work with my neighbors.  I sent my proposal and then I was ready to start.

I wanted my project to continue as ¨Nourishing Help Emergency in Honduras Project (COVID-19)¨.  As its name refers my project was about giving food which contained basic grains and other stuffs.  In addition,  my neighbors and I worked in a community project which was about building a small bridge made by cement, rocks, sand, and water. It was made where the big hole was. Let´s take a look at its process.

Firstly, my neighbors and I had shorts meetings in order to organize everything about our project.  In the first meeting I talked to them about the importance of taking care of our treasure called earth that God has given as. After I told them my idea which was about covering the entry of our street with dirt and rocks. It had a big hole made by the rain.  Also cutting grass was told to be part of our project.  To my surprise my neighbors wanted to cover the hole with cement. We decided to build kind of a small bridge on the entry of our street. The rest of our meetings were mostly about the time to work and the work each one had to do. It took us a long time to get it done because we were helping each other to get all the materials. Then we divided into two groups to get some materials. One group collected rocks. They worked really hard. They went to another community to get the rocks. My group took the sand needed from one place to another one. We needed the materials close where were going to build the bridge. Some neighbors gave the five bags of cement needed,  others gave the sand, others help with the transportation of some materials, and then everyone was helping during the building day. Some of us were carrying water from our homes to the place where others were mixing the cement. Also there were two women who made juice for us while the rest were working. At this point the food was bought. All the rules regarding COVID-19 were followed.

At the end I gave the food to my neighbors.  My neighbors were thankful, and excited for being part of a project and mostly for getting food. For me it was another successful project with purpose.  During doing our project we said our ideas to continue working. Everyone is excited. At the end some elderly people talked to me. They said they were really happy about seeing someone who is encouraging the community to get a better. They hope I can continue working with them. I feel so proud of the people from my community. They worked really hard. By doing the past two projects I saw that my community is even more interesting in seeing a development on our community. Thanks to God, you, and our efforts, the entry of our street is better. Now the cars and moto taxis can drive on our street safer.