Tania D.

Tania Deras:  My name is Tania Lisseth Deras Diaz. I am 21 years old, and I am from La Guayabita, La Iguala, Lempira. I live with my parents, three sisters and one brother.  My father works as a construction and agriculture worker, and my mom takes care of my siblings. I am so happy to have a wonderful family because thanks to them, I have accomplished some of my goals. I know that my family, and people who are around me believe that I am an example for others girls. It’s amazing when we are focus on what we want to accomplish. I have had many difficulties but thanks to God, I keep working hard to get a good result in all my goals.  

At TLC, I really like to have friendships with many girls of different places because we can share many experiences, and learn about different cultures. Here at TLC, I am trying to have a good relationship with God. I know it is the best decision that I can make in my life. Every day everyone has the opportunity to share a verse from the Bible. I am learning a lot about how to have leadership and how to improve my life in different areas. At TLC I have the opportunity to serve, and share my knowledge with others. I am so grateful with the people who encourage me to give the best every day.  

 I enjoy doing everything at TLC. TLC staff and sponsors are doing many things in my life to help me continue with my studies. It’s amazing how I can develop my skills. Here, every day I have the opportunity to do different things. I know TLC is preparing me to become a leader to work in my community or in any place of the country.

After TLC I would like to continue studying at the university. I would like to work in an organization with young people, or with children because that’s my passion. I would like to have my own business, and also help women to develop their skills, and abilities.