Alumni Spotlight I Evelin C.

The Leadership Center has taught me that the best thing about a leader is to think of others, help the group to move forward, motivate the group every time we make a mistake, work as a team, consider the opinions of the other members, and be an united family to achieve our goal. As a student at TLC, I was given many opportunities to learn and grow in my leadership style. I have learned to lead and communicate my goals in life. I’ve learned that if I don’t know myself, then I won’t be able to know others. With the knowledge that I’ve gained at TLC, I have more strength, more knowledge, more empathy to lead in any area of my life. After graduating TLC in 2022, I’ve continued to maintain contact with Mrs. Karla, Miss Becca, and my sponsor, Mr. Chuck, and graduates. Their support continually motivates me to reach my goals. 

Currently, I am the director and the main leader of an agricultural institution in Honduras called Centro de Aprendizaje Orgánico (CAO). In my role, I oversee an  all-male student group ages 20 – 40 years old. This has been an incredible opportunity since in our country it is not common for women to lead men. I am learning how to manage difficult situations, time management, understand the abilities of each individual, and motivate my group in order not to fall into a stressful or depressed state. 

Since working for CAO, I’ve learned that a  good leader is not transformed alone, a good leader is transformed by the people who correct us every day and motivate us to do better. That is why the dedication of spending time with the people on our team is also a way to develop ourselves as great leaders. A piece of advice I’d give for any training to be a leader is that one should believe in themself, have the courage and strength to be the best leader that they can be, and never stop learning.