About my experience at The Leadership Center (TLC)

By Yanary Sauceda, TLC Graduate 2019

TLC changed my life completely, in every way. Before coming to TLC, I was a person with many prejudices and different views on life. For example, I thought that having a stable job with a good salary was everything. I grew up with the mentality that I had to be a good employee. I was raised thinking only of my well-being no matter what happened to others.

At TLC I learned that I can do what I propose in life. I learned that I can make my dreams come true, that even though Honduras is a country with few sources of work, and we are called to UNDERTAKE, create new experiences, new dreams, that we are women who have the power to create our future.

I learned that fieldwork is not only for men, but women can also do it. I had never done fieldwork and I learned many things, such as planting vegetables and about animals, I learned a lot about growing and processing coffee, among other things.

We are women of change; we are called to be the difference in our communities. We are ready to raise our voice and be part of the leadership and the development of our cities and villages. We are ready to motivate more women to get up and generate more work with businesses, create their futures and not just complain about what happens around us. I learned that difficulties are the best opportunities to grow personally and professionally since we must take advantage of them and create opportunities.

Pictures of Academia America

Thank you TLC for everything,

Yanary Sauceda