An Unforgettable Visit to TLC by Wade Channell


A safe place. An oasis. A refuge for growth and healing. 

These are the images of The Leadership Training Center that I can’t shake (AND I don’t want to!) after my recent visit. Having read about LMI’s program on-line. I was intrigued to see how it worked and frankly, if it worked. It does.

The young women of TLC seem to understand quite well how important these two years are for them. I watched them working hard, whether trying to master English or clearing brush among the coffee plants. There was a sense of purpose and hope in their conversations and interactions. They have received a remarkable opportunity to grow as women and learn skills for life and business, and they know it. 

There is something going on here. Something deep and good. And it is punctuated constantly with  laughter. The sound of hope. 

I’ll be back. 

-Wade Channell