Our LMI Graduates are leading emergency relief programs

As we near the end of this year, we are focusing our efforts on supporting Honduras’ communities in dire need. The coronavirus continues to cripple families’ access to food and water while Hurricanes Eta and Iota have obliterated homes and entire communities across Honduras. Our LMI Graduates are leading emergency relief programs to provide aid to several communities and need our support. We invite you to engage with our mission and support these communities experiencing severe loss and destruction.

Hurricane Eta, with Iota following shortly on its heels, ravaged the northern coasts of Honduras and Nicaragua. Sweeping winds and torrential downpours flooded homes, businesses, and communities along the coast and even hours inland. Entire communities were forced to evacuate their homes and many families have lost everything.

One of our graduates, Yondia Lopez, who lives in a small town outside of Bruce Laguna in Gracias a Dios, fled with her small baby in between the two hurricanes to find higher ground. Earlier this year, she had started an ice business; her battery was flooded and her business is gone. She shared with me on the phone the terror of watching the river rising as lean-to homes that had once filled her community were literally washed away. Many people not only lack immediate access to food and clean water, but also their beds – their clothing – their homes – are entirely gone.

Many of our graduates live in communities that have also faced this level of devastation. Damaris shared about children in her community sleeping in the mud, with nowhere to go. And, in this moment of challenge, these young women have risen once again.

In the week following Hurricane Eta, we had 16 graduates who again partnered with local churches and community leaders to design, organize, and lead relief projects. Several more are still writing proposals. LMI graduates have now accessed $17,677 to lead 65 different relief projects in communities around the country throughout this year. Now, they are distributing food, mattresses, and other primary necessities for families.

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